Our Model


Every year millions of tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables are discarded, as part of a culture of excessive waste. As lovers of good food, we couldn’t stomach that. Rubies in the Rubble is our response. Delicious, handmade chutneys and jam, made as much as possible from surplus fruits and vegetables, fresh from farms and markets before they’re discarded.

Watch our video for a quick intro to what we’re all about.

Our entire business model is based on a few, core beliefs. Make use of what you have. Care about your resources. Embrace oddity. Pretty simple, really.


We love that word.  Not just because preserves are what we make, by hand and with care, in the form of chutneys, jams, and pickles, but also because it sums up our mission: to Preserve, to Serve, and to Save.

Every one of our jars is jam-packed with fresh fruit and veg goodness, almost all of which would have otherwise gone to waste. Western countries produce up to 300% more food than we actually need, while 1 billion people suffer from malnutrition. It just doesn’t seem to make sense!

Fairer distribution of all that surplus food is the ideal. But in the meantime, learning to value and put it to use in our own country is, we feel, a point of moral principle.

The name ‘Rubies in the Rubble’ represents a product- and one which we’re really proud of – but it also represents a process.

We want our products  to be literal solutions to food waste. But we also want them to stand as symbolic vehicles of our message- to consume less, think more, and be proud of it.

Rescuing Fruit in a Pickle – In Practice

In case you’re wondering how it all works…

We work directly with growers and distributors of fresh fruit and veg in the  UK. Waste occurs at multiple levels in the supply chain, and for multiple reasons. Every fruit is different, and so is every season.

A great deal of what we use is simply surplus. That is to say, there’s no difference from what you’d expect to see on a supermarket shelf- there was simply too much of it. We consumers are fickle creatures, and with unpredictable weather, and unpredictable buying habits, supply doesn’t always fit demand. Cue Rubies in the Rubble fruit brigade!

Some are what farmers, and people in the industry, call ‘outgrades’. We like to call them non-conformist rebels. Eccentric oddballs. Pear-shaped. Wonkies. Whatever. These are the fruits and vegetables that are too small, too large, too ripe, or too ugly to fit aesthetic criteria or last long enough to sit on a shop shelf for a week.

We have a steadily growing network of food producers who we work with to tackle food waste.

If you know of any damsons in distress, or pears in a pickle… please get in touch!

 Thank you to our partners